Terms & Conditions

Limited Liability:
The survey, which is the subject of a report, is conducted in accordance with generally accepted marine standards and criteria utilized in the marine surveying industry. Persons or entities entitled to rely upon this report are advised that this surveyor is not an engineer nor does he possess any specialized knowledge beyond the degree of skill commonly possessed by others in the same employment.
Surveyor shall have no liability for consequential damages, no liability for personal injury damages, no liability for property loss damages, no liability for punitive damages, all of which shall be deemed to have been knowingly and voluntarily waived upon use of the survey report.
In no event shall the legal liability of the undersigned exceed the fee paid for this survey report, regardless of claims or suits and regardless of whether under theory of tort, contract, products liability, admiralty, or otherwise.
Jurisdiction – Lawsuit must be brought to court of Surveyors choice.
Choice of Law – Surveyor will decide if suit shall be brought in state or maritime court.
Arbitration – It is Surveyors sole discretion whether to choose arbitration or not.

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